Diploma Course in Spanish

B1-B2 Levels in Spanish

Regular Classes (4 days a week, 2 hrs a day) 4 Months
Weekend Classes (2 days a week, 3 hrs a day) 6 months

Course fee: INR 12,500/- for B1, INR 12,500/- for B2 (Study material included)

Online fee: INR 12,500 for a group class / INR 18000 for one on one class (Can be paid in two installments) 

*100% Job placement after B2 level
Course details:
In this, we will cover the advanced part of the grammar and Spoken. Subjunctives (present, past, and future), Revision of all tenses, Storytelling in Spanish, Long passage translation, Advance vocabularies training, Group discussion on different-different topics, Job interview training, How to speak on random topics in Spanish, Listening training, How to start a conversation with natives, Writing on random topics in Spanish, Presentation, Debate on random topics, Practise with native speakers, Interpretation training, Advance expressions in Spanish, and many Spoken activities.

When you finish this level you will be able to work in any company that hires Spanish speakers. This level is the most important level for a person who is looking for a job in the Spanish industry because companies hire those who have B2 levels and hold an advanced conversation.

Good for: This course is good for a person who has done the A2 level in the Spanish language. The candidates who are in college, graduations, 12th passed, housewives, professionals, and the people who want to travel to a Spanish country can do this course. And this course is the most important for them who are looking for a job in the Spanish industry. After this diploma, you will start earning 50k to 100k every month in top MNCs. After this course, we will place you in top MNCs.

Exam Pattern: Grammar (100 marks), Spoken (100 marks), Writing (100 marks), and Class performance (100 marks), and Listening (100 Marks)