How to learn English as a second language

 Do you want to speak in English like a native speaker? Are you looking for the answer to how to learn English as a second language?

Well, you are reading the right post about how to learn English as a second language.

English has become a part of daily life. Whether you work from home, go to bank, school, college, university, work in an office and doing your business.

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You cannot live without English whether you know 3 or 4 languages but you should know English.

It is said that in India, the people who speak English, they earn more than non-English speakers.

As you know, English has become a global language or you can say that a link language. For example, if you need to talk to a Russian or Italian and you don’t know their languages so here English can help. As I said, it is considered a link language. And because of globalization, everyone should know at least conversational English. It doesn’t matter where you are from or where you live.

You must have seen in India especially, English speakers are praised a lot as compare to Hindi speakers. People who speak English, they are admired a lot and considered well-educated or intelligent in India.

Well, it is funny but society accepts it.

Now, you know why one should learn English as a second language. 

Is it hard to learn English as a second language?

The answer is no. Nothing is hard or impossible in this world. Yes, it can take some time but it is not impossible.

You should be practicing daily. The result will come out soon.

How much time does it take to learn English as a second language?

It depends on your practice. Because nobody can give you a surety that in a particular time you can become fluent or you can learn English as a second language.

Because learning cannot be stopped. Before learning English we should have a goal.

Now, let me ask you one thing, in school since your childhood you must have learned English.

That means, you know reading, writing, and you can understand a simple conversation. So, now the question is what are you going to learn in English?

Well, you are going to learn “Speaking”. Because speaking is a part of learning English. And everybody wants to learn to make a fluent conversation. Fluent conversation means speaking without getting nervous.

How can we improve our spoken English?

We can improve our spoken English through speaking practice. What you need to do is to start speaking daily in a simple conversation. As you know “Practice makes a man perfect”.

Daily choose a conversation, for example, you can talk to yourself. You can talk about your daily routines, like what do you do daily?

At what time do you go to bed?

At what time do you take your lunch, breakfast, or dinner?

At what time do you study or go to work?

What do you do in your free time?

What do you like or don’t like?

And try to record yourself and listen to it. After, sometime automatically you will feel confident in those conversations. And mostly when we meet people, we talk in a simple conversation. They ask you about yourself, your daily routine, your family, study, and your work.

So, you should be confident about yourself. It is very simple. You should not be nervous.

Now the next thing is to listen to the right material. For example – you listen to a fluent English podcast. (Fluent English Podcast is available on Spotify)

When you listen, it does mean, you are practicing.

You are giving a signal to your mind that you are focusing on a particular skill. Gradually, your mind starts to understand. When you listen to one podcast, again and again, you start to understand each and every word.

And that’s how you become fluent in those conversations. 

Develop a reading habit

You should develop a reading habit. Yes, it is right. Now you might be thinking about what you should read. It is up to you. Because what you like you know that. For instance, you like children's stories like fairy tales so you can read about them or maybe you like romantic stories, so you can read those stories. You can get these kinds of books on Amazon kindle. They really help.

Watch English you tubers

You can watch you tubers who speak in English. There are many you tubers who teach like marketing, storytelling, personality development, cooking, makeup, and many other topics. So, you can start watching them. Gradually you will find yourself comfortable having those conversations.