Free Spanish Courses online

Free Spanish Courses Online

Do you know how to practice speaking Spanish, if you are looking for then you are in the right place, in this article, you are going to read how to learn Spanish for free.

Did you know learning a new language like Spanish can separate you from the crowd?

Learners always find on Google how I can learn Spanish for free but it is quite annoying as they don't get the exact answer due to many resources but here I have brought many free resources to learn Spanish for free.

In a new language, it is harder to Speak fluently you can achieve all skills except speaking. As children speak their first language.

It is also said that you need a language partner to speak with but it is not true when it comes to learning Spanish.

But if you practice and apply these resources so you can get fluency in Spanish. I am going to mention six best websites where you can learn Spanish and Speak like a native.

  1. HelloTalk
  2. Speaky
  3. Italki
  4. PolyglotClub
  5. Tandem
  6. Conversation Exchange

Benefits of these online platforms to improve your Spanish

Did you know these are the best websites to learn Spanish?

Let me tell you the best uses of these best websites that I have mentioned above.

These are the best advantages of learning Spanish online:

  • You can select the time on your own.
  • You only need a computer or laptop with an internet connection.
  • Some resources are based on mobile so you don't need a laptop or a computer.
  • You can find a language partner and help each other.
  • You can chat or prefer a video call to each other.
  • You can talk to native Spanish speakers or the other countries people who are learning Spanish.

Hello Talk

Description: Hello talk is the best Spanish speaking practice app as all my students use for communication with native speakers from all Spanish countries. I recommend this app to all my students so that they can take advantage of this free app as much as they can. You will find this app user friendly as well as it has many extra features like video and audio connection, language courses, and message translation. 

It is free to use but if you want more you can go with paid membership.
This app is available for Web, Android, and IOS.

Pros of HelloTalk
  • User-friendly app with nice features.
  • It can be used for social purposes.
  • Free to use
Cons of HelloTalk
  • Limited features in free version 


Description: Speaky is the best website and app for language learning. It is user friendly as well as it has great features. It is a free app where you can practice with native speakers. It has a gaming feature where you get points on the basis of your messages and the number of days. 

It is a free app or website to use. This app is available for Web, Android, and IOS.

Pros of Speaky
  • User friendly
  • Free
Cons of Speaky
  • No audio or video features 
  • No extra features for learners so you can choose other platforms


Description: it is the best platform for language teachers and language learners. You can find the best teachers for learning your target language. The courses are affordable with native teachers.

There are many teachers they can teach online and can guide you and advise you with more than just a way to practice your Spanish online. 

This is a website where you have to sign up and visit, the course price up to $3 to $10 per class.

Pros of Italki
  • This website is user friendly 
  • Best experience teachers from all over the world
  • Effective lessons
  • 100% results
  • Cheap classes starting from $3 to $5 per class.
Cons of Italki
  • Nothing is free
  • You can find only teachers, not a language partner


Description: Polyglot Club is a community of language learners it is totally free here you can many native speakers who want to learn your language and in return, they will teach you Spanish. 

And the best part of this club you can write any sentence for correction, Natives will help you to correct that sentence. 

Pros of Polyglot Club
  • You can find thousands of natives speakers
  • free to use
  • Interesting topics to discuss
  • Free lessons and more
Cons of Polyglot Club
  • It is not an app 
  • You will not find video and audio


Description: It is an app where you find tutors with $10 to $15. It is one of the best platforms for speaking Spanish online, Tutors help you to speak more on interesting topics. It is just similar to HelloTalk. It is available for Web, IOS, and Android. 

Pros of Tandem
  • User friendly
  • Tutors help you and give you feedback
  • Flexible scheduling
Cons of Tandem
  • Limited features are available in free versions like HelloTalk.

Conversation Exchange

Description: It is free web-based online platform for learning Spanish. It is the platform where you can find people who speak your target language in your city like Spanish. You can chat with users from all over the world on Whatsapp or other platforms you can select. So many users arrange a conversation on Skype or Zoom. 

Pros of Conversation Exchange
  • It is free to use
  • Find people from all over the world for conversation practice
  • You can find Spanish speakers in your city
Cons of Conversation Exchange
  • There is no app available
  • No video or audio

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